Children’s Christmas Program

The Children’s Christmas program will be held December 15th here at Mighty Fortress. Please place this on your calendar to attend. The Children and leaders put a lot into these programs and please help support them for their hard work and hear a wonderful message from them. Time will be announced soon.



Sunday School for all ages


All children are encourage to join in with songs, stories, and crafts. Starts at 9:30 am

Parents bring your children to Sunday school and join in the Bible class! Lots of interesting discussions!

Sunday School lesson for Nov. 17 : “Joseph in Potiphar’s House and in Prison”

 Children have also been given their parts for the Children’s Christmas program and are working on them during Sunday School

Parents please work with your children in learning their parts and knowing the songs.



Adult Bible Study

Our Sunday morning Bible Study is “Why I Am a Lutheran: Jesus at the Center, Lesson 4,   I am a Lutheran for the same reason I am a Christian. It is not by choice but by grace. The teachings of the Lutheran Church place Jesus at the center because the teachings. No other confession demonstrates such fidelity to the truths of God’s Word. Nor other confession so glorifies Christ by placing Him at the center of all it confesses and teaches. Being a Lutheran is truly all about Jesus.

Please join us for this study at 9:30 am


Divine Service

Divine Service with Lord’s Supper  Nov.17, 2019

Reformation Sunday : Theme: Third Sunday of End Time– Saints Triumphant

Sermon: “Paradise Restored”–Revelation 22:1-5

Please join us for service here at Mighty Fortress;  you are unable to attend services
we do stream the services on YouTube-” Mighty Fortress GA.” If you would be interested in receiving a copy of the service folder for Sunday Morning please contact the church office at 770-943-0330 and we would be happy to email one to you!


Christian Singer and Song Writer

Please join us here at Mighty Fortress Lutheran Church on November 27th at 7 pm for a concert by Chris Driesbach a Christian singer/song writer. Chris is a  member of Lamb of God Lutheran Church in Madison, Alabama. Chris was an atheist until the age of 33 and in 1995 he became a christian and joined the Lutheran church and has since traveled to 41 different states putting on christian concerts with all original songs.


Please remember in Prayer

Keep in your prayers this week:  “I urge then, First of all, that requests, prayers, and intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone” (1 Timothy 2:1)

That we would be mission minded, seeking the unchurched, inviting them to worship/Bible study, so that they may share in the hope we have in Jesus; all inactive members of our church, that we might welcome them back; Alice Stephens, Donald Tomaski, Virgie Dyson, Barbara Johnson (home-bound members); George Ledford – veteran, friend of DJ DeJarnett (cancer); father and mother of Lisa Hoffman (health issues); Eliza and Gordon  Bragg (parents of Kathi DeJarnett) medical treatments. Mary Ann Ludwig (mother of Susan Wood), health issues.

Military Support: Steven Ashley, Ray Atkin, Aaron Churchill, Samuel DeJarnett, Jennifer Hulsey and Mike Hulsey, BJ Strenad,, Justin Hall.