Your help is needed!

The Mighty Fortress Church Council is supporting the establishment of a School Formation Committee. With God’s guidance and leadership, the committee will investigate the feasibility of starting a Christian private school program.

Volunteers are needed to serve on the Committee:

  • One voting member of the congregation is needed to chair the committee and to assume responsibility for presenting reports to the council.
  • The rest of the committee will be made up of adult members of the congregation at large.
  • The recommended committee size is 10 This number would allow the subcommittees to explore various facets of the project.

A sign-up sheet is available on the bulletin board in the hallway. Please consider giving of your time and talents by volunteering the serving on this committee.

Please remember in Prayer

Keep in your prayers this week:  “I urge then, First of all, that requests, prayers, and intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone” (1 Timothy 2:1)

That we would be mission minded, seeking the unchurched, inviting them to worship/Bible study, so that they may share in the hope we have in Jesus; all inactive members of our church, that we might welcome them back;  Virgie and Isaac Dyson, Barbara Johnson, Daniel and Victor Brown,  Shirley Estes, Ron and Susan Wood,  (home-bound members); George Ledford – veteran, friend of DJ DeJarnett (cancer); John Reitzell, friend of DJ DeJarnett; Rowena Wickens, who is now in a extended care home.   Granddaughter’s of Sharlene Johnson,  Snoh Duffan born with many health issues, continuing therapy and recovering slowly;  Ray Griffin, friend of DJ DeJarnett, recovering from Spinal surgery;  Brad Firle, health issues;  Donna Freeman, the Step-mother of Sarah Graham and Susan Evans, sister of Mike Graham both dealing with severe illnesses. Prayers for all members and families that have unspoken request.     Ray Schneider’s brother John, who is suffering from cancer. Susan Wood suffering with extreme back pain.

Prayers for our church,  please place a burden on the hearts of each and every member, prayers that those that have been lax in attending will be convicted to return to church and support in anyway they are able to do. So many areas that help is needed, just ask the Pastor or our church president where you can be used.

Pray for our community, that we might be a light shining to all those around us and that we can be an encouragement to them.

Pleases of Thanksgiving that Rev. Starr has decided to stay here at Mighty Fortress Lutheran Church. Now let us all join together in making our church the best it can be in the future and that we can be a beacon of light in our community.