Please remember in Prayer


Please remember in Prayer

Keep in your prayers this week:  “I urge then, First of all, that requests, prayers, and intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone” (1 Timothy 2:1)

That we would be mission minded, seeking the unchurched, inviting them to worship/Bible study, so that they may share in the hope we have in Jesus; all inactive members of our church, that we might welcome them back; Alice Stephens , who now is under hospice care in her home, Virgie and Isaac Dyson, Barbara Johnson, Daniel and Victor Brown,  Barbara Johnson, Shirley Estes, Ron and Susan Wood,  (home-bound members); George Ledford – veteran, friend of DJ DeJarnett (cancer); John Reitzell, friend of DJ DeJarnett; Rowena Wickens, who is now in a extended care home.   Granddaughter’s of Sharlene Johnson, Luna with health issues, and Snoh born with many health issues, continuing therapy and recovering slowly;   Ed Taylor-illness;  Ron Wood-healing from surgery; Ray Griffin, friend of DJ DeJarnett, recovering from Spinal surgery;  Brad Firle, health issues;  All members and families that are having health issues .

Please remember we have several members with unspoken prayer request for health issues. God knows what those are and knows what prayers are needed.
















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