Divine Service







Divine Service for February 25, 2018 Sermon Series:”King Jesus Goes to War”
Lent 2- Jesus Overcomes The Cross Mark 8: 31-38

Please join us for service here at Might Fortress but if you are unable
we do stream the services on YouTube Mighty Fortress GA

Please remember in Prayer

Keep in your prayers this week:  “I urge then, First of all, that requests, prayers, and intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone” (1 Timothy 2:1)

That we would be mission minded, seeking the unchurched, inviting them to worship/Bible study, so that they may share in the peace of forgiveness Jesus offers to all people; Daniel Brown, Alicia Martinez, Alice Stephens, Jane Terrill, Betty and Hillard Grannemann, Donald Tomaski, Shirely Estes (homebound members); Chris Padgett (released from heart transplant list due to complications); Casey Williams (CHD patient);Jack McNally (Health Concerns);Lanita DeJarnett (Health concerns); George Ledford and Mark Carlile-veterans, friends of DJ DeJarnett (cancer); Steven Ashley (recovering from surgery); Pearl Molnar (recovering from surgery); Jessica Hammond (pregnancy); Fred Huddleston (hospice); Hannah Hammond (illness); all inactive members of our church.

Soldier Support: Steven Ashley, Ray Atkin, Aaron Churchill, Samuel DeJarnett, Jennifer Hulsey and Mike Hulsey,  BJ Strenad, Mike Hefti, Jay Penha, Steve Schroeder, WELS member, recovering from helicopter crash .