Dear friend,

On Christmas Eve we talked about peace
for the broken: those broken by regret, by
grief, by relationships, broken by PTSD
or suffering. Jesus fixes our brokenness
by giving us peace, peace found only in
the forgiveness Jesus earned that makes
us right with God.

The foundation for that peace and for-
giveness is in God’s Word, the Bible.

God’s Word serves as the foundation for
everything that we believe and who we
are. I’d like you to know more about this peace.
That’s why I think you should check out “Foundations of our Faith”, a class taught at Mighty Fortress.
In this 11 lesson class we cover the main teachings of the Bible which form the foundation of our
faith in Jesus. The class covers topics and questions such as: “What is my purpose here? What
happens when we die? If God is good, why do bad things happen? What is baptism? What is the
Lord’s Supper? What about free will? What is Lutheran? What’s the difference between Lutheran
and __________. What are angels? Can God really forgive me, considering all that I’ve done?”

Taking “Foundations of our Faith” does not obligate you to anything, I just want an opportunity to talk
about Jesus and his Word with you! Give the first lesson a try—
Thursday, January 4th, 7- 8:30pm. Childcare available if requested.

Please contact me with any questions: or church office 770-943-0330
In His Service,

Paul Horn, Pastor